• June 13, 2024
Boesl notice

Boesl notice 2023 Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited

Boesl notice 2023 has just been published. Those who intend to go to Korea or have taken the exam must check the notice carefully. For the information of all, it informed that you all know recruiting manpower free of charge from the year 2010. So Currently, if you want to go to Korea, you to follow some rules. Those who want to go to Korea or are thinking about going to Korea. So For them, explain how you can see Boesel’s notice. You can easily understand Boesel’s notice if you follow the below steps. There are several steps to go through to go to South Korea, which discussed so that you can easily understand them.

Boesl notice

Boesl notice for the information of all, it informed that every Friday, under the supervision of Mirpur Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Women Technical Training Center. Bangladesh Korea Technical Training Center, the preliminary selection program for. the recruitment of representative garmentworkers conducted. So Only those who participated in Boesel’s test, or those who passed the second step after participating, called for the scale test. those who  passed the second stage must come prepared for the scale test. Those who pass the examination selected for the recruitment of garment workers. And only they given the opportunity to participate. To go to Korea you to pass every test. If you can’t pass every exam then you can’t go to Korea.

Boesl bd

It is for the information of all that Boysel’s notice has already been published. The notice released to all the candidates who appeared or appeared in the said examination. Those who have participated in Boesel’s Korean Lottery exam, and those who have passed the second stage. So Will participate according to Boesel’s information according to the time given in the notice. To go to South Korea, you have to pass the exam, and after passing all the steps, you hired as an employee of a Korean company. Moreover, you can never go to work in any company in Korea. So if you want to go to Korea, you have to pass every step of Boesel. You should always pay attention to Boesel’s notice.

Boesl gov bd

Boesl all notices are published from boesl gov bd. Those who participated in the book boy exam. Passed the second stage of the exam, will have to appear at the next time as per the notice of Boisel. So for any reason you are unable to attend you  considered as unwilling and the authorities not responsible. you to follow to get boisel news, currently we all know people can go to south korea for manpower recruitment in south korea for free. But many of us may not know. Those don’t know must know that there are nine steps to go through to go to Korea. After crossing, you can go to Korea. Candidates who have cleared the second stage of the examination must appear as per the notice issued

Boast notice board

So For the information of all the candidates of the elder son, it is  informed that the notice published for those candidates who  passed. the second stage of the Boest exam. According to the information collected from the Boest notice board, all the candidates have to appear on time. A word to all the candidates that no one to give any kind of wheel to go to South Korea. So that for all this I want to say that one should not fall into. the scam and take all the steps as per the notice of Boesel. Boesel’s notice published on this website as it is published. So you will take all the steps as per Boysel’s notice. You can always collect the correct information as per the notice of the book.

Boesl notice 2023

It informed for the information of Boessel Rosscall candidates that this Boessel notification just  published. The notice published for all the candidates who have cleared the second stage of the examination. All the candidates informed that they to appear at the place given in the notice.so per the notice time. Candidates who fail to appear on time treated as reluctant candidates, hence no qualification. All candidates will appear on time as per the notice given in Boesel. Make proper efforts to pass the next steps by appearing on time. So And if you can pass all the steps then you can definitely go to South Korea. Thanks

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Boesl notice
Boesl notice